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MP3 Free Downloader is an MP3 music downloader and player
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MP3 Free Downloader is an MP3 music downloader and player. It doesn't download songs off Gnutella networks, nor does it use torrents to power the downloads. My best guess is that it grabs songs off YouTube and sites like that and plays only the audio. I came to that conclusion because of the quality of the music. I mean, songs don't sound bad, but they don't sound as good as an MP3 file downloaded off iTunes.

When you first launch the application, you will see a search field. Simply type the name of the song, artist or album that you want to download and click on "Search". A good number of results will pop-up, or at least, it did in my case. Every search result has a download button to its right, but you can also listen to the song without downloading by double-clicking on its name. This is recommended, since some results don't offer the full version of the song, and there are some ads here and there disguised as songs.

In my testing, all the songs that I downloaded played well enough. The quality was average but neither of them skipped or gave me any problems. I particularly like the "Hot songs" window, which gives you recommendations of songs that are popular right now. When you click on one of those songs, a search is made for that song and you can listen or download it.

José Fernández
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  • It works well.
  • It is really easy to use.
  • Hot songs is nice


  • Low quality songs
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